Ricochet by Kathryn Berla – Review by Chantelle Smith

RicochetRicochet by Kathryn Berla
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ricochet is a stand-alone read by Kathryn Berla. This is definitely an unusual read but also captivating and interesting as well. Kathryn Berla has always had a unique writing style and this book is not different. First of all, it was a little difficult to keep up the with the story as we were given various versions of our main characters through various timelines, that continually changed throughout the read, but once you fully committed to the book and took the time to really digest the read it was quite easy to follow. This book definitely has a lot going on and it weaves mystery, drama, action & adventure altogether while leaving you wanting more. I love Kathryn Berla’s writing and character development is makes the characters and storyline seem even more real and helps the characters jump off the page! I’m so glad I picked up this read, it’s one that shouldn’t be missed.

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