Small Town Hero (Small Town Brides, Book 1) by Kim Koby – Review By Felicia Bates

Small Town Hero (Small Town Brides, #1)Small Town Hero by Kim Koby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Small Town Hero
Kim Koby
4 out of 5 stars

Small Town Hero is my first experience with Kim Koby’s writing and it also happens to be Small Town Bride book one. I wasn’t sure entirely what to expect with this book but overall I found that I enjoyed it. I was drawn to the storyline fairly quickly, I liked how the book started with a lot of emotion and kicked off right away. While the book wasn’t slow to kick off, I did feel like it took quite some time for me to connect with Rebecca. If I’m
being honest I am still not entirely sure how I feel about her character.
As far as characters go, I did really love Ryan from the start and despite my feelings toward Rebecca, the chemistry between the two in this story was really sweet and undeniable.
Small Town Hero was short and fast paced and honestly kept me on my toes emotionally. I liked that the obstacles Ryan and Rebecca faced were realistic and relatable, really showing that “Trust was vital when it came to love.”
I would recommend Small Town Hero to anyone that enjoys short, clean romances and after the way Kim Koby ended this book I am looking forward to reading more in the series. This doesn’t have a cliffhanger ending, Kim Koby just sets us up well for who will be the next to share their

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