Summer Fling By Tarrah Anders – Review by Michelle Mulvey

Summer FlingSummer Fling by Tarrah Anders
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summer Fling by Tarrah Anders was a sweet, happy, kinda creepy read for me but, I loved it!
The summer is beginning in a small tourist town called Sweeny which is a lake town in Northern California. Emma co-owns a shop with her best friends twin sister Willie. One night after massive drinking Emma takes a random man home and hooks up with him. Only problem is, she has sworn off summer flings since her last one ended badly with Emma having a broken heart. Royce is not your typical tourist. He’s in town to open a business with a friend of his. Emma and Royce end up seeing a lot of each other I’m such a small town and they become friends. The chemistry they have and the flashbacks they have of their night together make it hard to not have feelings for each other. Royce keeps trying to convince Emma he’s there for the long haul but, there’s a part of her that is worried.

When Royce and Emma finally decide to get together and try for a relationship, Royce’s Past comes crashing into his future. Emma is a great character and definitely tries to stick by her man. Especially since she has a past too. What happens when her past comes back to haunt her too?

I thought this book was well written and the storyline was quite believable. Will Emma and Royce have a chance at a happy ending or will it just be written off as a summer fling?


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