The Boss (Fire’s Edge, #1) by Abigail Owen – Review by Erica Fish

The Boss (Fire's Edge, #1)The Boss by Abigail Owen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Boss by Abigail Owen is a paranormal story about Dragon shifters. I have to say that I love stories that have mythical creatures and even better when they are human/mythical creatures. This story is a fast pace read. If you start this story you will be pulled into the story and will be hard pressed to put it down until the very last word. Abigail Owen does an amazing job keeping the story moving but having a great amount of detail. Finn is a dragon shifter, who has only one mate for life. Finn has had his mate but has lost her and vows never to get so close to anyone else. Well then there is Delaney who is a spit fire. She is a woman who know what she wants and will go after it. She does have a great personality and Finn is trying to keep his distance. Will Delaney get Finn to lower his shield around his heart? I cannot wait to see what comes next.

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