The Catch (Eastern Shore Swingers Book 2) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Debi Kircher

The CatchThe Catch by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Catch (Eastern Shore Swingers Book 2) by Phoebe Alexander

5+++ Stars

First, What can I say about this author that I haven’t already said or that hasn’t already been said about her to stress just how much I appreciate her and absolutely love reading her words? She is amazing, awesome, brilliant, and every other positive descriptive word there is and one of the reasons for this is…this series deals with a lifestyle and lifestyles that I truly have no interest in knowing more about, I have no problem with any of them it’s just not for me and some of the subjects that Phoebe writes about normally do not keep my interest and I find my mind wandering instead of focussing on the reading..So with that said, in answer to what can I say about this author it is simple…She’s a flipping genius because I open these book full of these stories and i’m lost in her world till the very last word is read. How she does this I have no clue but my appreciation for her goes way way beyond words..

So now on to this story…I loved and completely understood and could relate with Paisley in this book to a point. I wish in my past I could have had half her strength and just a touch of her self esteem…She is awesome and has become one of my favorite leading ladies. Then there’s Calvin, sigh…… Again…another reason I loved this and most of this authors books is because you could actually see yourself being friends with the characters she writes because they are so so real, with real emotions and real struggles and I love this.

I loved the mystery and suspense in this story and some scenes were off the charts holy moly give me a bucket of ice water stat moments and I loved seeing Leah and Cap and check in on their continuing story…

I have so completely read these books out of order and that’s something I just have to work on but it in no way got in the way of each individual book…I love them all but I think down deep this one might just be my favorite of this series so far.

Thank you once again Miss Alexander 🙂

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