The Nearness of You by K.G. Fletcher – Review by Kerry Baker

The Nearness of YouThe Nearness of You by K.G. Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Nearness of You by KG Fletcher is a story about chance meetings and taking an opportunity when it is presented to you.
I am familiar with this author although not overly so. That meant I wasn’t quite sure still what to expect when starting this book. I can honestly say I really enjoyed it. Lauren and David have instant chemistry and it is entirely believable. I found myself firmly on Lauren’s side before I could get too far into the book. I wanted things to work out for her. I wanted her to like David. I wanted them to make it work.
The author has this way of writing that just effortlessly draws you into the story and the characters. Without even realising it you are hooked. This book was so easy to read and one that was so easy to enjoy. It has great characters and a great storyline – what more could you possibly want?

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