The Sound of Love (The Sound Series #1) by Maria Watts ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

The Sound of Love (The Sound series #1)The Sound of Love by Maria Watts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first time reading anything from Maria Watts. I was drawn into the idea of this surrounding a band and its teenage fans in the 90’s because, well the 90’s rocked, and I grew up in the prime of the 90’s, at least most of my middle school and younger high school years were the later 90’s. I figured I would be able to relate to the main character quite a bit along the way. I was for the most part, in first half of the book, correct. Then I was so wrong.

The concept here was good. It was well developed. We all as young girls, no matter the decade, had boyband posters plastered on our walls. We often dreamed of a chance encounter where we could run off with said dream boy and live out this fantasy. We also knew that the chance of this were highly unlikely. HIGHLY. This was a bit farfetched for me. Even for a novel. I get that sometimes miracles and freak things happen, but this was a stretch, a big stretch. I wrote that off as some creative writing though. Knocked it down to a four-star in my head right around there and kept going. I didn’t really hit me to a point where I couldn’t keep reading.

Then, we get to this part where our MC, Nina goes on tour with her dream boy, Chris. Nina is sixteen. Maybe it is because now I am a mother, but no way in hades am I letting my sixteen year old go on tour just like that. Most certainly not with an eighteen year old, who is hormonal and has the whole world in his hands and at his disposal. Nope. It was just all so farfetched that I could not get into the story. I wanted to, but I couldn’t no matter how hard I tried. I would like to see a rewrite with some more of a moral to the story. Maybe it was something I missed because I was hung up on the, this is impossible, and I need to reread it. Not something that I have ruled out by any means, but something to consider.

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