The Sound of Love (The Sound Series Book 1) by Maria Watts – Review by Tracy Wilkin

The Sound of Love (The Sound series #1)The Sound of Love by Maria Watts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Sound of Love is book one in the Sound series by Maria Watts. As a new author to me, I went in with an open mind. I am so glad I did. The writing style was enchanting and really, really difficult to put down.

Nina and Chris. What to say about my feelings for these two. Put simply, frustrating yet so totally enjoyable. It was like stepping back in time to my teenage years. The same newness, the same uncertainty, the same blind innocence, the same narrow minded attitude, the same emotions, the same struggle with interpreting these unfamiliar amd scary feelings. I wanted to shale these two one minute, and hug them the next. It was a very realistic insight into a teenagers first love. Their lack of maturity and dramatic interpretation on just about every situation made this impossible to be away from. Their desire for one another was palpable, but inexperience made them unable to cope with these complex and overwhelming emotions. But heavens it was so good, I was a bit bewildered by just how much I loved this story.

Maria Watts is the ultimate in first love romance, and I am so very excited to read more of this series. 5 stars.

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