Touchdown: A Steamy Football Romance (The Big Apple Series Book #1) by Alexa Summers & A.J Phoenix – Review by Angela Hayes

Touchdown: A Steamy Football Romance: The Big Apple Series Book 1Touchdown: A Steamy Football Romance: The Big Apple Series Book 1 by Alexa Summers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Touchdown: A Steamy Football Romance is the first book in The Big Apple Series by Alexa Summers and A.J Phoenix. This story is a great sports romance full of suspense, dramatic events, and surprising developments. I really enjoyed the story, particularly the quirky, complex and interesting characters. They really made the story come alive and gave it extra depth, emotion, fun, romance and tension. There were characters I loved, and characters I loved to hate. You will know what I mean when you read all the details for yourself. This was my first read by these authors, and I am happy to say that it definitely won’t be my last.
Lexi Driver is a popular reporter for a local Sports Channel. She loves her job and is very good at it. But things go awry when she gets caught up in a locker room scandal that leaves her hot under the collar, in more ways than one- with an embarrassed and highly annoyed footballer to contend with.
Brett Brock has wanted to make a name for himself in football, but gaining attention by having his manhood broadcast for everyone to see had never factored into his plans- he had wanted his skills on the field to be noticed and appreciated, so being humiliated on live television was definitely not what he’d had in mind. He’s determined to gat a little payback and give Lexi a dose of her own medicine. But as he puts his plans in motion, he discovers that they are a lot more compatible than just intense chemistry.
But there seems to be someone hell bent on destroying not only their happiness, but also their careers. Little do either of them expect to get caught up in an even bigger scandal that puts everything they had built in serious jeopardy. What ensues definitely challenges them on many levels while they navigate the fallout from the plots and dastardly deeds.
This book was a great read and I really liked taking this journey with Lexi and Brett. I am a little torn as to what to rate this book, because the first half of the book was an entertaining 4 star read, but the second half of the book was definitely a riveting 5 star read- so therein lies my dilemma.
If you love a great sports romance with quirky and relatable characters who take you on a fun and romantic read, then this is definitely the book for you!
I’m looking forward to more from these authors!

Thank you, Ms. Summers & Ms. Phoenix!


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