Truly Unfortunate (Welcome To Knollville Book 1) by C.A. King – Review by Emily Walsh

Truly Unfortunate (Welcome To Knollville Book 1)Truly Unfortunate
ByC.A. King
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Truly Unfortunate (Welcome To Knollville Book 1) by C.A. King was a fast moving, mind twisting, paranormally weird read, that had me hooked from start to finish.

Not my first read form this author, and I’m am fast becoming to like C.A. King’s writing style and the way they delivery a chilling story. I’m still trying to piece it all together, as some things don’t add up, but do all the same.

This book is something I will tell you. The ending really got me, cause, man, I don’t know what was really true. What the hell was Truly? Was she paranormal, or was she, simply, crazy. With all that had happen to her I was hoping she would get a sort of happy ending, but I guess, it was sort of bitter-sweet.

But enough of that, cause I don’t want to spoil a thing about this spine tingling thriller. This book, as dark and gritty, and mind twisty as it is, still has a strange message. One that fits, and one that also makes you feel so much for Truly. With such a short read, you think something like fully developing a character would slip, but not with Truly. From the jumping back to her past, matching with the present and fully diving into her hellish life. You see all her layers and wondering more and more about her, and if life had it out for her. Whatever the truth, I believe that Truly is where she belongs. Even if she pulled of, what the Doc thinks she did, I’m happy with it, because frankly, like this books said a few times; sometimes fate has a way of evening itself out.

Overall this book is a must read. The smooth dark writing mix with the cutscenes and the lurking darkness, makes this psychological thriller gripping, addicting and pulling. The tone of doom is set from the first chapter, and you can’t help but root for that darkness because not everything is black and white.This book is a haze of grey and as I have said, you’re not going to be rooting for the whole, “good shall conquer all” trope. No, you’re going to be rooting for a unseen force, and hoping that the grey haze will pave a better way for Truly.

So please take my super high recommendation that you will get lost in the darkness that will have you questions everything around you.

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