Who (Stalker Series Book #1) by Megan Mitcham – Review by Angela Hayes

Who (Stalker, #1)Who by Megan Mitcham
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Who is the first book in the Stalker Series by Megan Mitcham. As the first book in a new series, this story has really set the bar quite high for the rest of the books, setting the whole series off to a fantastic start. This story is a steamy psychological thriller that twists and turns and kept me guessing right through till the end. The intrigue, suspense, danger, tension and dramatic effects were really well developed, then tended and stoked to an intense level and skillfully drawn out by Ms. Mitcham. She definitely had me devouring the pages to try to figure out what was happening, what would happen next, and who the stalker was.
Larkin Ashford has built her fashion empire from the ground up. She’s competent, creative, smart, and a shrewd business woman. She doesn’t believe in love or long-term relationships, as her past has left her quite jaded when it comes to romance and the ways of the world. Her mother died when she was young, and she has a strained relationship with her emotionally distant father. She spends almost all her time building her business and making it the success that it is. She does have a few really close friends that are uplifting, loyal and supportive. Things get quite interesting when the Board of Directors of her company strongly suggest that she needs to have a man beside her for her to be taken seriously, and even go so far as to advise that she needs to get married before she takes her company public. She resents this as she’s always been fiercely independent and feels that doesn’t need any man, either personally or professionally. But the Board are placing an enormous amount of pressure on her to conform to their wishes, so Larkin has no choice but to give the matter some serious consideration.
As all of this is transpiring, strange things begin to happen, starting with grim floral arrangements that are accompanied by horrible messages. Then one night she’s alone on her rooftop, taking some personal time, when a mysterious stranger grabs her and pulls her away from the ledge. She’s terrified and takes off running as soon as he releases her. But she can’t stop thinking about him and soon realises that he grabbed her away from the edge because he mistakenly thought she was going to jump. But, if he doesn’t have a sinister intent, who is he and what was he doing on her private rooftop? It soon becomes apparent that she has a stalker- who is it and why are they stalking her? The danger soon escalates, taking a perilous turn. Will Larkin figure everything out before it’s too late? Who is the mysterious stranger and what does he really want? These two have electrifying chemistry right from the beginning, but what is his intent towards her, and is there more to their feelings than overwhelming lust, or will everything result in some painful memories, or worse?
This book has a really captivating and beautiful cover, I spent quite a while just looking at it before finally opening the book. It is quite striking and made me want to find out more about the story.
The first chapter was a little slow and I did worry for a little bit that the story wouldn’t live up to the promise of the blurb (and cover). But it soon became apparent that I had nothing to worry about, as the pace picked up and the story took off. I really couldn’t put the story down, I was determined to find some sort of clue and figure the whole thing out before everything was revealed. I had so many scenarios running through my mind, and even though I came close to guessing a few of the twists, I never really could have predicted the outcome. It was a deviously clever puzzle that I enjoyed unravelling, keeping me reading well past my bedtime just so I could wrap everything up.
The epilogue in this book sets up the next book and it looks set to be awesome!! So now I really can’t wait to read Book #2 in the series, “WHY”- Genevieve’s story.

Thank you, Ms. Mitcham!!


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