Across From You by Amabel Daniels – Review by Sheri Schrader

Across From YouAcross From You by Amabel Daniels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Across From You by Amabel Daniels is a fun, romantic read. The story alternates between between Lexi and Jake. Lexi is recovering from a breakup that went viral and has decided she needs a break from relationships. Jake is looking for the right woman despite having a reputation as a Casanova. The two see each other at an art class while Jake is a nude model. Several days later they meet again at a wedding.
The two characters are fun and realistic. I like that both have a good dialogue. Also, who can resist a good looking, intelligent man and a spunky female. This was a fun read that kept me laughing. I will be looking for more from Amabel Daniels in the future.

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