Across from You by Amabel Daniels – Review by Ashleigh Harrington

Across From YouAcross From You by Amabel Daniels
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Across from You by Amabel Daniels is a standalone romantic comedy that I fell in love with from the first page. Following Lexi Regan and Jack O’Connor, you will find yourself smiling and feeling your heart strings being tugged. Lexi is a woman that has been publicly shamed, more than once, and is attempting to hid from the world while she licks her wounds. While she has sworn off men, there is something about Jack that keeps her coming back for him. Jack is at the point in his life where he is looking for love, and willing to do whatever it takes to make Lexi see how good they are together. From the first moment that he met her, he knew that she was the one for him. The banter back and forth between Jack and Lexi really was quite refreshing, making me laugh out loud more than once. The chemistry and shenanigans that these two found themselves in made this story such a treat to read. After everything that happened to Lexi in her past it is going to take Jack everything that he has to get Lexi to trust in his feelings for her. Will he succeed? Will Lexi be willing to trust another man with her heart when she was hurt so badly in the past? Daniels is a newer to me author, having only read one other book of hers in the past, but I am so glad that I picked this one up. If you are looking for a great romance novel that will take your breath away and keep you roped in from beginning to end than this is one that you need to add to your TBR now! I can’t wait to see what is next for Daniels’ readers, cause I am sure it will be great!

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