Courage (The Sisterhood Series) by Chelsi Arnold – Review by Jenni Bishop

Courage (The Sisterhood Series #2)Courage by Chelsi Arnold
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Courage (The Sisterhood Series) by Chelsi Arnold​ is an action packed ride and keeps you intrigued right to the very last page. We normally only read stories of men in war and how good they are so it was a refreshing take to read about these wonderful women doing just as good a job. I enjoyed ​Chelsi’s storytelling and how she instilled so much depth and character to this group of strong, sweet, sassy and ready for action women. I absolutely loved their banter and craziness as it showed their depth of feelings for one another, their family. The action starts from the very beginning and does not stop. The twists and turns made my head spin and the action and mayhem was so palpable you could feel it with every pump of your heart. This is one great story that should not be missed and an honour to the women and men who fight our wars. Good job Chelsi!

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