Embattled Hearts (Lost and Found book 1) By J.M. Madden – Review by Gail Guerrero

Embattled Hearts (Lost and Found, #1)Embattled Hearts by J.M. Madden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

  1. Embattled Hearts By J.M. Madden

Five Stars

I love stories that create a place were people know their own issues but are working to better themselves. John is an ex-marine he was injured and loss the use of his legs. I think a lot of his meanness comes from the fact that he can no longer walk. Shannon was a doll. I liked that she didn’t look at John as a cripple but just a man. Their relationship was a slow ride but it was perfect. Each character had things to overcome. The author wrote an compelling story about finding yourself and learning to love yourself.
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