F*cking Frank by Jen Luerssen – Review by Michelle Mulvey

F*cking Frank (Smirk Series Book 1)F*cking Frank by Jen Luerssen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

F*cking Frank by Jen Luerssen is book 1 In the Smirk Series. I have never read any of this authors work but cannot wait to read the next book. I want to see how Joe is going to fall in love just like Frank has. Frank is a grumpy guy that doesn’t really like people and hates small talk.
Frank plays bass in a band called Lia and The Licks. Franks friend Sebastian offers the group a summer job playing at the winery so once they all agree, they head up there and even have a place to stay.
When Frank meets Mikey, it’s insane how much they have in common. They are pretty much inseparable from the day they meet. What will happen when the summer is over and real life choices get in the way.

This was a great book from beginning to end. I loved the loyalty between friends and the chemistry between Mikey and Frank was off the charts.


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