Distant Memory: She remembered everything (Solum Series Book 3) by Colleen S. Myers – Review by Jenni Bishop

Distant MemoryDistant Memory by Colleen S. Myers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Distant Memory: She remembered everything (Solum Series Book 3) Colleen S. Myers is a fantasy sci fi story and one I have been waiting to read and of course Colleen did not let me down. You must read them in order or you will miss so much and only have a third of the story and the background information on the characters. She kept me engrossed and perched on the edge of my seat, as I turned page after page, with her masterful and vivid writing skills and a plot that has more twist and turns than a piece of licorice. There is more action and suspense, secrets and lies, truths and danger and we get to find out the answers to questions that have been sitting around the edges just waiting to be revealed.

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