Getting the Goods by Elizabeth Perry – Review by Shannon Fowler

Getting the GoodsGetting the Goods by Elizabeth Perry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Getting the Goods is a funny story that is a little sad when you think about it. Stealing sperm? What could possibly go wrong!? I don’t think I have read a funnier story. Gabriella and Conner are completely different types of people, however they want the same things; to have great sex with no strings and ultimately, to just be happy.

Gabriella and Conner are fun characters that learn a few things during the course of this story. Conner ends up being her boss but in turn needs her, first in business then in his personal life. Gabriella only needs Conner for one thing, his goods.

This story kept me laughing and hoping, because a story that starts out with the characters plotting to steal sperm has got to be good. Getting the Goods is the first book I have read by Elizabeth Perry and she did not let me down. I really hope her other stories are just as much fun to read.


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