It Ends Tonight (Bayou Devils MC Book 4) by A.M. Myers – Review by Debi Kircher

It Ends Tonight (Bayou Devils MC Book 4)It Ends Tonight by A.M. Myers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It Ends Tonight (Bayou Devils MC Book 4) by A.M. Myers

5++++++++ Stars

Oh my goodness…This book, this series, this author…I just don’t know what to say…It says this is 4 of 4 books, noooooo this can not be the end, there still too much story to tell here…

As of this minute this is my favorite of the series, of course when I go back and reread them all I will probably say that after every one of them, but this one was awesome and tore my heart out more than once. Holy Moly I cant believe the twists and turns that this story had, came out of left field for me and my jaw dropped more than once.

This is Lucas and Quinn’s story and it touched me deeply, it was so so sweet and perfect…until it wasn’t and I literally cried watching these two try to work their way through what seemed totally impossible. Not going into any details because it will ruin the story for others but let me say that this one is a must read, and in reality all of this series could be read as standalones but don’t do that, they are all so amazing you would be missing out on some beautiful stories and some great character building.

I’m actually completely speechless and just rambling here, but I will say I want more from these people…like for example…Alice…she needs a story and there are more, Please don’t let this be the end…

Another amazingly awesome story from a master storyteller!

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