Killmore (Killmore Series, #1) by Martha Sweeney – Review by Emily Brockschmidt

Killmore (Killmore #1)Killmore by Martha Sweeney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Killmore” by Martha Sweeney is the first of two of the Killmore novels. Our main character is a woman who is not to be messed with. She has been through too much as it is and is determined to do what she needs to do. She is strong, smart and sexy, a deadly combination. I won’t reveal any details, even her name, for it all plays a major part in this story and I don’t want to give anything away! This fierce woman is not one to easily trust anyone. Her guard is always up and she is always ready for what needs to be done. Some of her bickering with other characters got on my nerves, but is just goes to show that she doesn’t let anyone else dictate her life. This book is very story driven, and the story is a darn good one! When I had to put the book down, my thoughts would drift back to it and left me wondering what would happen next. The story is exciting, witty and very dark at times. If you like a leading lady with some secrets and an intense story, then this is the book for you! I give “Killmore” five stars and can’t wait to read book two, “The Killmores!”
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