Leaving Jackson Wolf by P.A. Kane

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Leaving Jackson Wolf by P.A. Kane
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Genre: Coming of Age/Fiction
Page Count – 212 pages
Cover Designer: Caroline Kane http://www.carolinekane.net
Publisher – NFB Publishing https://www.nfbpublishing.com/
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Leaving Jackson Wolf  is a modern coming of age story focused on two fringe fifteen year old boys—biracial Jackson and undersized McDougal (hypopituitarism)—trying to find their power in a complicated, unforgiving world. Jackson and McDougal come together after bullies randomly target and literally throw undersized McDougal at Jackson in a school hallway. A fight ensues and suspensions are issued. Post fight, Jackson is indifferent to McDougals overtures of friendship, but then the little whiz-kid shows him how he can use his iPhone to block security cameras at a local Rite Aid so they can steal some beer. From there they become fast friends and together they face challenges of family dysfunction, loss and alcohol abuse while bonding over indie music, extreme biking and ways to hang onto their smart strong girlfriends— Lexi and Syd. As people start to exit Jackson life he believes the world is conspiring against him. But with the help of McDougal and his friend Jessica Lee he learns to lean on his strength and goodness as his he is about to confront his greatest challenge yet.


Growing up in a three bed/one bath house with nine siblings in Buffalo, New York it was a just the facts, assembly-line type of childhood. However, one day during my tumultuous teen years in the late seventies that all changed when my exhausted mom uncharacteristically asked several probing questions about how I was doing, what I wanted of life and how I was going to get there . . . totally confounding me. She was supposed to dish out commands and make declarative statements—take out the trash, don’t come home unless you’re bleeding, every time you masturbate it’s a hundred-years in purgatory. She wasn’t supposed ask articulate, inward looking, questions about myself. Self-examination and contemplation, was light years beyond my transactional existence.

Eventually, though, due to a certain amount of aimlessness and failure I did come to consider my mom’s questions and many more which led me to writing. Presently, I am the author of two novels Written In The Stars: The Book Of Molly (2016) and my current book Leaving Jackson Wolf—which chronicles the coming of age story of Jackson Wolf and James McDougal—two fringe fifteen year old boys searching for their power in a complicated unforgiving world.

Presently I live in West Seneca, New York with my wife and three college age children. I have a State University of New York background in English and I love trade paperbacks, quiet black mornings and The Ramones.




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