My Tragic Life: Brothers of Camelot Prequel (My Life Series Book 2) by Necie Navone – Review By Susan Mowdy

My Tragic Life: Prequel to the Brothers of CamelotMy Tragic Life: Prequel to the Brothers of Camelot by Necie Navone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series has me hooked! The writing, the characters, and the storyline are superb and continue to blow me away!

This book picks up where the last one left off. We have Alessandra who has been trained by the age of six in many things she must keep a secret. Now that she has reached her teens, she ready to do “teenager” stuff but the promises she made to her father hold her back. She loathes the life she leads and would do anything to be free from it all. Certain events happen on her 15th birthday which causes massive strain with her relationship with her dad but she has to protect those she holds close as well as find a way to have the life she wants.

I have legitimately devoured the books in this series. It’s beautifully written with all the feels and should be on everyone’s must read list

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