Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams Series Book #3) by Abbie Roads – Review by Angela Hayes.

Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams, #3)Never Let Me Fall by Abbie Roads
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“He wanted to go all medieval knight and slay her dragons.”

Never Let Me Fall is the third thrilling book in the Fatal Dreams Series by Abbie Roads. It is paranormal romantic suspense, with so much happening between the covers that you will feel like you are on an incredible rollercoaster ride. There is danger, intrigue, loss, grief, pain, secrets, love, hate, drama, mystery, and a touch of destiny. The story is gritty, raw, dark, and a little twisted in places- which really gives the story an added ‘punch’. There is also a psychological aspect to the plot that is pretty intense. Woven around all this is a wonderful romance full of tender, sweet, moments that really touched me- as well as some red hot electrifying ‘intimate’ scenes that fogged up the screen on my kindle. I have loved every moment of this series, but I think this book has become my firm favourite, as there are so many interconnected details, and overarching storyline that got tied together in this story. I am addicted to Ms. Roads work- her stories/books are not only riveting page turners- they are so cleverly thought through, with so many minute and interconnected details that give this book/series such a spellbinding quality. The addition of elements such as Bear and Fearless’ story and the meaning , and connections, contained in it are just one example of Ms. Roads true genius when it comes to telling a completely captivating story. It’s these ‘extra’ little touches that really sets this book/series apart!
In this book we follow Thomas Brown and Helena Grayse as their story unfolds. Thomas is Evanee’s brother (Book #2). He is drowning in pain, having had a horrendous childhood which has left him physically and mentally scarred. When his stepfather kicked him in the face when he was five years old, Thomas lost the ability to see colour- he’s been living in a black, white and grey world ever since. “A life without colour was a life without passion.” It also gave him the ability to see ‘the shadow of death’ which helps him carryout his job at the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. But an unexpected encounter with a beautiful woman brings colour flooding back into his world. There is something unique about her that draws him to her like no one ever before. But circumstances mean she slips out of his life before he can find out anything about her, taking his colour with her. A chance encounter many hours later brings these two back together again.
Helena has her own scars from enduring a hellish existence for the past 10 years. She was incarcerated for a murder she didn’t commit- and faced such brutality that she hasn’t spoken in nine long years. She’s finally released and plans to leave the place that represents so much pain- as soon as she says her final goodbyes. This puts her in the path of Thomas, who manages to make her feel safe for the first time in a decade. When her situation has them spending time together, their connection becomes even more apparent and their chemistry becomes harder to resist. She would love nothing more than to surrender to his kindness, and her feelings- but doesn’t feel worthy of him. She fears that once he learns her secret, he won’t want anything to do with her. But with danger stalking them both, will they survive long enough to explore what’s between them? Both will have to confront their pasts, in order to move forward into the future. The problem is, sinister forces have their own agenda/s and both Helena and Thomas are locked firmly in their sights- placing them both at risk. What ensues makes for some intense, adrenaline inducing, emotional, unpredictable, and unforgettable reading!
As I have come to expect, Ms. Roads is incredibly clever and so entirely convincing in her detailed explanations, that I fully accepted what she was telling me- the ‘paranormal’ elements became entirely plausible and a matter of fact. I love that about this author, the way she can draw you into her story, delivering unique concepts and then making them seem so real and believable. Her vivid, detailed and descriptive style really helps to sell the story. And her complex, fully realised and endearing characters are so easy to fall for and invest in- which along with the gripping storyline, managed to entice me further and further into the story- all the while, scrambling to figure out what was going on.
As always, I can’t wait for the next book from this talented author!

Thank you, Ms. Roads!


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