Our Unexpected Hope by Michelle Sullivan – Review by Cindy Mayberry

Our Unexpected HopeOur Unexpected Hope by Michelle Sullivan
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Our Unexpected Hope
Michelle Sullivan
This is a full length novel of romance and the struggles that go with following your dreams. So take a chance on love.

Quinn loves her romance books, and taking pictures. She wants the love her parents have. She has watch their romance, as well as their struggles. Meeting her father while in her teens. It had always been just her and mom. Now the family is complete Mom, Dad, Quinn and the new baby brother Jacob.

Noah has never had a family. He spent most of his youth bouncing from home to home. He put himself through school and now works as a chef at a nice restaurant. On his first sighting of Quinn, he fell head over heels in love.

Michelle Sullivan has written a romance story to bring life’s struggles into the light. This story has so many setbacks, that most young people would run from. This young couple have many obstacles to get through. I really enjoyed this story. I will be looking to read more from this author. Way to bring it Michelle Sullivan!

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