PLAYER (21ST CENTURY COURTESAN – BOOK 1) By Pamela DuMond – Review By Melissa Agena

Player (21st Century Courtesan #1)Player by Pamela DuMond
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I was completely enthralled and blown away by this book! Player is Book 1 in this series, which is written by Pamela DuMond. There were so many highs and lows and emotional turns that it was definitely a page turner! Evelyn or Evie is empathic. She is very in tuned with others feelings. From the time that she was little she has had to learn to control her empathic surges. Not only that but she has had to deal with a bi-polar mother. Especially when her mother had caused tragedy to others that has followed Evie into adulthood. However, with having to take care of her mother and sister along with student loans, Evie needed to find a way to make more money. Her friend told her of this escort service. Evie decided to try it out and along with that comes the possibility of love and fear. Fear from potential stalkers comes into play because of this job. The potentiality of love also is a factor, which comes to into play with one of her clients. However, her empathic abilities has helped her become one of the most sought after escorts in Chicago. I absolutely loved this book! I really cannot wait for the next book because I need to find out what happens! The characters are amazing and really play well in the storyline. I loved the authors writing style. She really makes you a part of the story. The sexy scenes are severely hot and give just enough for the meat of the story. I was truly impressed with this book and this is a book I would definitely recommend!

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