Rhapsody and Rebellion (Enduring Legacy) By Aubrey Wynne – Review by Laura Furuta

Rhapsody and Rebellion (Enduring Legacy #7)Rhapsody and Rebellion by Aubrey Wynne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rhapsody and Rebellion: (Once Upon a Widow) (Enduring Legacy Book 7)
By: Aubrey Wynne
5 out of 5 stars

The story Rhapsody and Rebellion: (Once Upon a Widow) (Enduring Legacy Book 7) by Aubrey Wynne is a historical romance book. This is a book that I loved reading. It is a wonderful romance story and has some amazing characters. I loved reading about Alisabeth and Gideon. Alisabeth married her best friend. While they had affection and loyalty for each other the passion that is seen in other relationships wasn’t there. Then tragedy strikes making her a widow. As she wonders what is next in her life she meets Gideon. Alisabeth is strong, beautiful, and full of life. She is a wonderful character to read about. Gideon is a man that enjoys being single. He has responsibilities and doesn’t care for the matchmaking that he has to endure. He loves his mother and so when she begs him to take her to her Highland home he agrees. It is there that he meets Alisabeth. There is an attraction between these two from the very beginning. She has him thinking of the future and it involves them together. Gideon is beginning to learn about the clan and his Scottish heritage. I enjoyed reading about the McNaughton Clan and their history, legends, and ceremonies. Will Gideon and Alisabeth find a future together? Political unrest has come to Scotland. Will plans that are being plotted put Gideon, Alisabeth, and Clan McNaughton in danger? Will this couple get an HEA? Read this book to find out. Gideon at first had a hard time with the differences between himself and the clan. As the story progresses, I liked that he has an open mind. I grew to love both Gideon and Alisabeth with every chapter that I read and I was rooting for their happiness. There are additional characters that are introduced and I enjoyed reading about the part they play in the story as well as their interactions with Gideon and Alisabeth. This is a story that is enjoyable and one I would recommend reading.

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