Ring Tru (Thick as Thieves Book 1) by Janice M. Whiteaker – Review by Kaitlynn Taylor

Ring Tru (Thick as Theives Book 1)Ring Tru by Janice M. Whiteaker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ring Tru- Janice M. Whiteaker


Ring Tru by Janice M. Whiteaker is a must read! It’s a second chance romance/crime/thriller type read, and I enjoyed every second of it. This story is action-packed, dramatic, entertaining and so captivating. From the first chapter I was hooked. I ended up reading this book in one sitting as I couldn’t bring myself to put it down, I just had to know how everything was going to play out.

I loved both these main characters from the start and I couldn’t wait to unravel their past, I found Tru and Will very intriguing. I really enjoyed how this story flowed and I loved all of the detail that Janice used, it made it easy to picture everything playing out in my mind as I was taken on a wild journey alongside Tru and Will in their newest acquisition.

I can’t wait to continue this series and I would definitely recommend it to others!

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