Savannah’s Saviors by Bella Settarra – Review by Sue Kemp

Savannah's Saviors (The Cowboys of Cavern County Book 5)Savannah’s Saviors by Bella Settarra
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Savannah’s Saviors (The Cowboys of Cavern County Book 5)
By Bella Settarra

Savannah’s Saviors is book 5 in the, The Cowboys of Cavern County Series by Bella Settarra. Just my luck to start five books into the series but I am glad to say this book can be read as a standalone, as I don’t feel you will miss out on much at all. However, on saying that I really think we should all read the whole series. This is also the first book I have read by this author. Loved how the author has portrayed the characters in this book, the alpha males Greg and Tom sound like men some of us would like in our lives, Savannah is a broken person, but Greg and Tom find her and take her under their wing. This book is wonderful, fast paced, action packed and suspenseful. All I can say if grab the book and enjoy the read as I did.

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