Hero High:: Heartbreak Rebellion (Hero High Collections Book 2) by Mina Chara – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur

Heartbreak Rebellion (Hero High, #4)Heartbreak Rebellion by Mina Chara
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This is the next stage in the story of Friday Fitzsimmons, as she prepares to re-enter the life of Icon City and her second year at Hero High. In the prologue we recap over why Hero High was founded and how the Hero’s and their opposing villains came to receive their powers.

We then join Friday as she recovers from some injuries and tries to get her life back in some semblance of order. She is in her room in the dorms when Ashley comes to her window to see her, although they aren’t supposed to, they still enjoy spending time together. They decide to visit the Hero Museum and Friday shows off her knowledge of Hero trivia, through this they learn more about each other as well.

As the story moves on, we join her at her 18th birthday party where she catches up with friends and is surrounded by celebrations, as well as the fans of the Hero Channel who have followed her story from the beginning. Veronica appears and leads her away from the party and into the mall to pick out a few bits and pieces of her choice from both her own merchandise, those of her team and the other Heroes and villains. Friday does this and when finished she sees that Veronica is joined by someone else, she is then introduced to Luke, a student at Hero High. Friday finds out that they will be working together a lot during the season and is led to the offices to sign her new contract. After she signs it, she is given her new clothing requirements and her lines for the next week.

What she doesn’t realise is that the filming for the first scene has already begun at the party, as her teammates run towards her, they see that one of the villains has appeared at the top of the party’s ferris wheel. As they go to stop the villain, they realise that they are being filmed and that it is all just a set up. As Friday finds the device that the villain has hidden, it is apparent that Luke knew it was a set up from the start and continues with his lines as though Friday was doing the same. This leads to an argument with Veronica about it and the realisation that she and Luke are meant to be love interests this season.

The next day, Friday goes to try and visit Jake in prison with Captain Fantastic, as usual, she is refused, but she does hear something that doesn’t seem quite right, this is where she and the Captain discover the biggest secret that the Hero TV channel has. They are both shocked and in disbelief that this is actually happening and as they learn about what has been happening, they make a decision together to investigate what is really happening.

What will this revelation mean for her, the Captain and the school? Who is behind it all and how will it affect their lives? What about Luke and Ashley, how will this affect their relationships, both working and personal? Can Friday keep up with the demands of the show, the fame, the power and the stardom and all the while keep her integrity in place, or will she comply with the way her life has been mapped out for the season?

The only way to find out what happens is to read on and let your emotions go on this latest whirlwind ride through Icon City.

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