Savannah’s Saviors (The Cowboys of Cavern County Book 5) by Bella Settarra – Review by Jana Teppih

Savannah's Saviors (The Cowboys of Cavern County Book 5)Savannah’s Saviors by Bella Settarra
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Savannah’s Saviors is the fifth book in Bella Settarra’s Cowboys of Cavern County series and it a contemporary romance with a touch of Western in it; it also has a little twist of ménage a trois blended into it! I love discovering new writers and Bella Settarra has found a place on my list! I know you can read this story as a standalone but you meet other characters and you get curious and I know for sure that I have to go and pick up the other books in the series as well!
Savannah’s Saviors is a heartbreaking story of violence, abuse, lies and secrets. It is a story of new beginnings and misunderstandings that seems to create obstacles that one thinks cannot be climbed … it is a story of laughter and love … We have Savannah who has been kicked out by her husband into a stormy night with nothing to her but the clothes on her back … we have Tom and Greg (our cowboys that bring that ‘bit of Western” who find her in the dark and take her back to where they are staying … you can imagine the questions that arise … Those three do take us on a ride not to be forgotten!

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