Say When (A Cedarville Novel Book #9) by Bree Kraemer – Review by Angela Hayes

Say When (A Cedarville Novel Book 9)Say When by Bree Kraemer
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Say When Is the ninth book in the Cedarville novel series by Bree Kraemer. Even though it is the ninth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone without feeling like you are missing vital information or leaving you confused. I love the fact that each book in the Cedarville ‘family’ focuses on a particular couple- but there are recurring characters, who we have met previously, who make appearances, which really gives this book a charming quality. I really enjoy Ms. Kraemer’s writing- she always weaves a wonderful story that entices me in and keeps hold of me right through to the end. This series just seems to get better with each new instalment, not losing momentum or appeal. The characters are so well crafted that they bring the whole story to life. This is definitely one of my favourites of the series, and I really wanted to hang out with them and eat cupcakes ?.
Dani, who we have met previously, as she bakes the desserts for Wes’s restaurant “Dockside” (After All These Years- Book #7) is so quiet, introverted and chronically shy that it has held her back from truly living and following her dreams. This fear has almost taken over her life, and Dani will have to learn to face her fears and overcome them in order to have a ‘real’ life. She’s passionate about baking and always has been- she’s an extremely talented baker who creates incredibly delicious morsels. The very same morsels that a certain chef at “Dockside” can’t seem to get enough of, devouring the tasty sweets daily. What happens when he finally meets the shy baker? Find out in this super sweet story….

Thank you, Ms. Kraemer!


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