The Moon in Her Eyes: a witch’s tale by Nikki Broadwell – Review by Maura Harper

The Moon in Her Eyes: a witch's taleThe Moon in Her Eyes: a witch’s tale by Nikki Broadwell
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THE MOON IN HER EYES is Book Two in the “Witch’s Tale” series. I did not read the first book and never missed a beat. (I will, however, be going back to read it because I don’t want to miss a single word of this series). I enjoyed the author’s writing style, the character development and the way each situation is explained so I never felt lost at all.

There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the book that states “This story is meant for entertainment purposes only. I invoke artistic license for my rendition of events either past, present or future.” PHEW, glad to know that the author is clairvoyant and seeing what the immediate future of America is. YEESH.

This story is fast paced and it took me a few chapters to mesh with the cadence as it jumps back and forth between times – changing things along the way. There are so many things I highlighted while reading because some things scared me (not as in horror movie scared, as in holy moly is this real life today scared), while other things I found inspiring.

Here are a few of the things I highlighted:

“…until you reclaim your strength, you are useless to the cause.”

“Fascism – is that what we have now? Or would you call it a dictatorship?… The name for it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we stop it before our country turns into a place we don’t recognize.”

“…we are locked in the grips of the monster we created.”

“Just trust the process.”

“History is not written in stone.”

I really enjoyed the way this book is written and the way the story is told. It’s like Sliding Doors meets Time Keepers meets Twilight Zone. It is a fantastic story that I would recommend to my young cousins and my elderly mother’s book club and I look forward to reading more of this story in the future (of course, which future is still to be determined).

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