A Pink Christmas Kiss (Christmas Kiss Series, book 3) by Allyson R. Abbott – Review by Ashleigh Harrington

A Pink Christmas KissA Pink Christmas Kiss by Allyson R. Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Pink Christmas by Allyson R. Abbott is the third book in her Christmas kiss series and I am so happy that I picked this one up. This holiday romance hooked me from the beginning and kept me enthralled until passed the last page. Following the story of Billie and Leroy, we see Billie leaving her small hometown five years ago. Wanting to spread her wings and experience life, Billie was willing to leave everything behind to make sure that she gets to live her life to the fullest. While she loved Leroy, she needed to see the world, and if Leroy loved her as much as she loved him, he would follow her….right? When Billie comes back home and seeing Leroy again with no contact for so long still enrages her. When Billie and Leroy come face to face again how will she handle him? Will Billie be able to admit that she couldn’t move past her young love or will she have to break her own heart again and walk away? Can Leroy find a way to forgive Billie for running away? Do they have strong enough feelings to make a relationship work? Abbott is a newer to me author, having only found her works with this series but I am so glad I picked it up! I recommend reading this series in order, even though each story can be read as a standalone, getting to see Abbott’s evolution of writing. If you are looking for a great series, let along author, then this is one that you need to pick up today!

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