A Second Chance by Brooke May (Power River Pack #1) – Review by Ashleigh Whitwell

A Second Chance (The Powder River Pack #1)A Second Chance by Brooke May
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Second Chance is the first instalment of the Power River Pack series. The perfect mix of romance and fantasy, this book, and series, follows a pack of werewolves as they deal with the struggles that come with them finding their mate. While I’m not normally a fantasy reader, there is something about werewolves that just appeals to me; I blame Twilight! This was a great read and I will definitely be diving into the rest of the series.

This book has a lot of angst and a lot of tragedy. From the very beginning, we learn that our werewolf, Derek, as not had an easy ride. Letting the love of his life go was the most foolish mistake of his life, one he’s still paying for now. Derek is so broken and we can see that from the very start. I loved learning about him and his complex character. But the best part of Derek is his relationship with Annabelle. They have such a difficult history and seeing them come to terms with this, and the people they are now, was so much fun to read. There is a lot of emotion in this read and some of the scenes Annabelle and Derek share are real tear-jerkers. Despite this, the passion and chemistry they have is immense. I loved seeing them together, especially when things go a little hot and steamy!

As far as werewolf reads go, this one is a winner. It has definitely sorted my fantasy need and has left me wanting to read the rest of the series. If this is your sort of genre, I can strongly recommend this. Thanks for a thoroughly satisfying read!

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