A Second Chance (Powder River Pack Book 1) by Brooke May – Review by Erica Fish

A Second Chance (The Powder River Pack #1)A Second Chance by Brooke May
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brooke May is a new author to me, and I find that she is a great writer. In these times when everything else is going wonky, it is nice to know that there are books that can take your mind off things for a while and escape into a book. A Second Chance is that book. This book has it all, werewolves, action, heartaches, secrets, love, trust, and second chances. I can tell that Brooke put all of herself into this story. The characters are believable, and the scenery is beautiful. Story is about Derek and Annabelle. Derek gave his heart and soul to one lady. This is what is the norm, together forever. Once your heart is broken by your true soul mate it is hard to trust others with your heart. The walls are there, and they do not come down easily. Annabelle who left her past there in the past push forward and did not want to go back. She received news that her father was on his death bed. She had a hard reality check; does she go back and face her past or keep moving forward with her new life. Will she see her ex and if so, what will the encounter be like? Will there be a Second Chance for them? Read on to see what the answer to this burning question.

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