Awakening Of A Soul Keeper (Prequel to the Soul Keeper Series) by Brienne Dubh – Review by Emily Walsh

Awakening Of A Soul Keeper - Prequel to the Soul Keeper SeriesAwakening Of A Soul Keeper – Prequel to the Soul Keeper Series
ByBrienne Dubh
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Awakening Of A Soul Keeper – Prequel to the Soul Keeper Series by Brienne Dubh was a fast pace, paranormal romance that puts a new spin on your normal everyday vampire read.

By first read by this author and for this series, being as this is the prequel the events take place before the main series, so you will be free from spoilers. For me it was a pretty good intro to this world that Brienne Dubh has created.

This book was powerfully intriguing, and for me, quite unique in its approach in tackling the vampire sub-genera. I’m not going to get into it, because this will ruin the whole experience. Lets just say, this book took a bit of a turn that I wasn’t expecting, and I dig it.

As for the aesthetics, this tale, though short, managed to developed it’s characters without sacrificing world building, or attention to detail. It’s nicely balanced and a treat for the eyes. The flow was smooth, and the sinnister dark undertones, keeps your attention throughout the read. This books starts with a blood bath before switching to a more lighthearted first chapter. Right away there are signs and cluse pointing towards a darker plot and world.

Overall this book hooked me, and I can’t wait to dive into the rest of this series, that and… this powerhouse read ends on a cliffhanger.. so yeah.. I need me the next book. On that note, please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval, that you will get sucked into this original world, and I will tell you, you are not going to see what happens.

Happy Reading

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