Beats of the Heart (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star Series book 1) by Charli B. Rose – Review by Ashleigh Harrington

Beats of the HeartBeats of the Heart by Charli B. Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beats of the Heart by Charli B. Rose is the first book in her new series Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star Series, and wow what a fantastic start! Following the story of Izzy and Dawson, who have been best friends for as long as either of them can remember and yet the feelings between them are deeper than that of friendship lately. When they decide to take the step into lovers from friends, their hearts beat as one. Izzy is Dawson’s muse, she makes all of his musical talents possible. Dawson is the only man who has made Izzy feel the way she does. The chemistry between these two is palpable from between the pages, making for some very steamy reading at times. Everything seems to be going perfectly for these two love birds until the darkness starts to roll in and threaten everything, they have worked so hard to achieve. Will these two be able to work together to make it back towards the light, or will this journey as lovers end with broken hearts and empty promises? Rose is a new to me author, but I am so happy that I picked this book up. From the first page I fell into this story, into the world of Izzy and Dawson, and I couldn’t read this one fast enough to satisfy my need. The banter and chemistry between these characters was very well executed, making for a great read. If you are looking for a book that will make you swoon while pulling you into a perfectly written world than this is the one for you. I can’t wait to see where this series goes next!

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