Claiming Her Mates (Claiming Her Mates #1) by Dia Cole – Review by Chantelle Smith

Claiming Her Mates (Claiming Her Mates #1)Claiming Her Mates by Dia Cole
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Claiming Her Mates from author Dia Cole is Book 1 in the Claiming Her Mates Series. This was an incredible introduction to this author and I cannot wait to read the others in this series. This has got to be one of the best reads that I have read in a while. I love this take on a apocalyptic world where a flu epidemic is about to wipe out the entire human species by turning them into zombies – what more could you ask for, oh I know 3 extremely hot, sexy alpha males who all happen to be Lykos shifters(werewolves) sworn to protect a beautiful female.

This book was filled with passion, sexiness, action, drama, mystery, & fear. I was captivating and compelled while reading this book. This author has created an incredible imaginative read, full of twists, incredibly lovable and amazing characters and a read that will last with me for quite some time I love it so much I read it in one sitting. Each of these characters brought something brilliant to this story, whether it was how Mason, Gabriel or Liam’s different personalities impacted how they were with Havana, how each of their sizzling, intense and immediate connections with Havana brought an extra depth to this read that I loved.

Another great thing with this book is that it was written in dual POV’s. I love reading it from the characters POV’s as we get to really see their thoughts and feeling from them rather than the other person. I also think it helps connect with a character as you get to understand some of their reasons of their actions!

This read was everything I thought it would be and more! I loved it and now will be eagerly awaiting Book 2 in this series.

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