Degrees of Power (A Prestian Series Book 4) by Via Mari – Review by Jenni Bishop

Degrees of Power (Prestian Series, #4)Degrees of Power by Via Mari
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Degrees of Power (A Prestian Series Book 4) by Via Mari is the fourth and last book in the series. My love hate relationship with Katarina continues but she does redeem herself in this book where she finally shows some strength and courage. The mystery and intrigue, danger and action and thrills and spills and the elusive bad guy continues to play havoc and we find our characters in some harrowing and dramatic situations. The intrigue of the story and the drama that unfolds hold you captive as does the scorching heat between the sheets and everywhere else that was available. Don’t get me wrong I love a story that has lots of explicit sex but seriously, the man needs therapy. LOL. I think this book is the best of the series but the ending fell a little flat for me, there could have been more on the demise of the baddies.

What I do love is that through it all they are determined to fight for each other and their love of not only each other but those they consider family and friends. But let’s not forget those trusted men who are always in the background just taking care of the bad guys. I would love to see them get their own stories.

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