Heart of a Hunk: A Limited-Edition Collection of Bad Boy, Billionaire and Hunky Romance Heroes- Review by Angela Hayes

Heart of a Hunk: A Limited-Edition Collection of Bad Boy, Billionaire and Hunky Romance Heroes

Heart of a Hunk: A Limited-Edition Collection of Bad Boy, Billionaire and Hunky Romance Heroes by Allyson R. Abbott and Tamara Ferguson

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Heart of a Hunk: A Limited-Edition Collection of Bad Boy, Billionaire and Hunky Romance Heroes is an anthology of stories from some incredibly talented, bestselling and award winning authors. This is one of my favourite anthologies I have ever had the pleasure of reading. There are many hours of engrossing reading to be had inside the covers of this book.
There are a huge variety of stories here, from fantasy, paranormal, shifter, contemporary, second chances, friends-to-lovers, suspense, new beginnings, and many more. The characters are also diverse- all wonderfully crafted into unique individual- from cowboy, doctor, demon, bear shifter, panther shifter, gargoyle shifter, billionaires, Journalist, CEO, Firefighter, Gem hunter, and more. So, get comfortable and settle in for some wonderful reading, which will captivate you through every page. There is definitely something here for everyone- you are sure to love this collection as much as I have!

A Demon’s Kiss By: Jocelyn Dex.
Cordelia is a trainee Demon Hunter and Argoth is a demon who has been held captive for the Trainees to ‘practice’ on. What happens when this demon turns her world upside down? This was a great paranormal fantasy that pulled me in right from the beginning. I will be on the look out for more of Ms. Dex’s work.

Paradise Found By: Krista Ames.
When Bree Tanner and Colby Hess end up stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, sparks fly, feelings are tested, and hearts mended. I really enjoyed this story. It was engaging, with great characters and well written plot. Looking forward to more from Ms. Ames.

No Place Like Home By: Stephanie Morris.
This was a wonderful story with two characters who have been through quite a lot. Tabitha is looking for a fresh start and hopes to find it working on a cattle ranch. Aiden Wakefield has endured a lot, which has left him emotionally closed off. Will these two find the healing they need in each other’s arms?

So Into You By: Esme Wilde.
This is a shifter romance with an original storyline. It has second chances, angst, drama, and great chemistry. Paisley and Jackson have a history, but an accident caused Paisley to push Jackson away thinking she was no longer worthy of him. Both return to their hometown when they are named beneficiaries in a will, inheriting joint ownership of a lovely old historical homestead. Soon their chemistry is bubbling over, but with secrets between them, what will happen when everything is revealed? I love a great shifter story and this one definitely fit the bill!

Christmas For Two By: Kris Jayne.
This is a great office romance that pulled me in right from the beginning. I enjoyed following along with Delilah and Griffin’s as their story unfolded. Delilah once worked for Griffin, and now he wants her to come back and work for him again with his plans. What happens when she invites him over for Christmas? A fun and flirty read!

Small Town Glamour Girl By: Stephanie Queen.
Ms. Queen is one of my ‘go-to’ authors and this story/series is a definitely one of my favourites. Julie and Jack were quite close as children, but life took them in different directions. Now Jack is back. Will he remember her after all these years? This is a wonderful story full of the magic of Christmas. Does a small town girl and a big city billionaire have any chance of a future together? You really should read the story to find out. Fantastic!

Hollidae’s Gift By: Dona R. Mercer.
Bradley is looking at starting his new ‘adventure’ after an accident destroyed his dreams. Things haven’t been easy, and he’s overcome quite a lot. He’s focused on his new plans and definitely doesn’t need any distractions. But that’s exactly what he gets in the form of Hallidae . Things definitely heat up in this fabulous holiday/office romance.

Believe By: Candace Sams.
Christa Holworth has lost her holiday spirit, but one night while she’s at work, an interesting surprise turns her world upside down, testing all her perceptions. This is a delightful story full of magic- with an extra-large helping of Christmas spirit. I really liked this story and look forward to exploring more of Ms. Sams’ books in the future.

Her Holiday Bear: Holiday Bears Series Book #1 By: Marie Mason.
Alley Stephens feels drawn to Riverton in Colorado. She hopes to find her happily ever after in the shifter town, just like in the fairy tales. When she meets Jagger Houston, the local sheriff, and Bear shifter- she thinks she’s finally found ‘the one’. But Jagger is a loner who doesn’t believe in love or fated mates. And her certainly didn’t want to be tied down, ever. But you know what they say about ‘never say never’, right? A fun, interesting and well developed shifter romance.

Old Lady By: Eliot Parker.
This is a charming, though provoking story that was a bit of a surprise. It was fully developed and had a lot packed into a small space. It didn’t feel rushed or cut short in any way. Well done!

Foxxy’s Christmas By: Allyson R. Abbott.
Ms. Abbott easily draws me into her stories, keeping me engaged the whole way through. I love how her characters are fully realised individuals who bring the story to life. There is a little suspense, love, destiny, revenge, drama, and romance. I really recommend anything Ms. Abbott writes, she never fails to deliver, and this story is no exception!

Undone By: Livia Quinn.
Elektra Carpenter lost a rare and valuable gem, along with the love of her life. Cass McKay has been searching for a way back into her life for the last year, and now he thinks he may have that chance. He’s determined to make it work, as he can’t lose her again. A great little read!

Gargoyle’s Sky By: D. Anne Paris.
Ms. Paris had me at Gargoyle. And I am happy to say that this story lived up to my expectations! Nathan Durand is a gargoyle shifter who is taken by surprise when his ex tracks him down to ask for his help. He hasn’t seen her in 7 years, after she ran off without a backward glance. Now that she needs his help, will he sort out her rogue werewolf problem? A fantastic story with shifters, secrets, trust issues, misunderstandings, assumptions, Chemistry, drama, and second chances.

Snow at Midnight: A Wardens of Midnight Novella By: Helen Scott.
Dante is a panther shifter who had a traumatic experience which haunts him, keeping him stuck in the past and unable to move forward. His panther rages out of control, and he needs to find a way to subdue his beast. When Lizzy’s father is kidnapped, she’s unsure what to do. She needs to find him before time runs out. So, Dante enters the scene and things get interesting! A wonderful paranormal romance!

The Diamond Star By: Jane Blythe.
This story is one of my favourites from this collection. It is suspenseful and intriguing- with danger, secrets, heartache, drama, and romance. Aurora Kinsley’s world will be tossed on end when her brother’s obsession with getting rich brings danger to her door. To survive, she’s going to have to trust one of the bad guys who have broken into her house. But there is a lot more to the story than first appears. I highly recommend this superb story!

Kissing St. Nick By: Devon McKay.
Nick Moretti is a firefighter who’s focused on his career. He doesn’t have time for distractions, especially a relationship. But what happens when he rescues a beautiful woman from a car crash? Will this blast from his past have him questioning his resolve? A fun read!

Running Through Wonderland By: Harper Kincaid.
“She walked towards him, her spine a column of steely determination. His head turned. Their eyes met. And that’s when everything in Lulu’s world changed.”
I loved how this story had a quote from Alice in Wonderland & Alice Through the Looking Glass (Lewis Carroll) at the beginning of every chapter. They helped to set the tone and mood of the book. Sweet and adorable!

For the Fireworks: Rent-A-Gentleman Series Book #1 By: Rebecca Fairfax.
I can’t wait to read the rest of this series! This is a wonderful, sexy, and original story that was a real pleasure to read. This is my first read by Ms. Fairfax, but it certainly won’t be my last. I am limbering up my ‘one-click’ finger to go on a clicking spree asap. Ella is a London Lawyer who ‘hires’ a gentleman for the Guy Fawkes weekend. What ensues makes for fantastic reading!

Candy Kane Kisses By: Sharon Coady.
Holly Kane is left disappointed when she finds her (young) adult children won’t be home for Christmas. She decides to book a getaway, hoping to rediscover herself. Her trip takes her to the Colorado Mountains, but when she gets there she finds that she will be staying in the owners home. Preston Carson isn’t happy when he finds his mother rented out a room in the family home to a complete strange, and over Christmas. What happens when the sparks between them ignite? Well worth the read!

Having It All: A Naked Men Novella By: Christi Barth.
This is a wonderful friends-to-lovers romance that engaged me from beginning to end. I loved meeting Josh and Annabeth and following them as they explore their attraction. But with both having complicated pasts, and issues to overcome- will they be able to make it work?

Doctor Knows Best By: Suzanne Jenkins.
A snowstorm throws Jason and Lily together. But just when things seems that things could work out for them, tragedy rips them apart. Jason will need to convince Lily that their love is worth taking a chance on. Great story. Great characters! Ms. Jenkins writes a fabulous romance that kept me guessing.

A Kiss Under A Blue Christmas Moon By: Tamara Ferguson.
A brilliant second chances romance! Ms. Ferguson never disappoints, and this sweet and romantic story is testament to her writing talents. Mia Michaels and Noah Erikson had their chance of finding happiness ripped away from them when Noah joined the Air Force six years ago. Mia is devastated and does her best to move on. Easier said than done. All those years apart, Noah has never stopped loving her. Can he convince her to open her heart to him again?

Christmas With the Millionaire Cowboy By: Joann Baker & Patricia Mason.
“Ryan left the house as fast as his cowboy shod feet allowed. He had to get away before he did something crazy like kiss Penny until they both ran out of breath. He wouldn’t even need the damn mistletoe hanging in the doorway to pretend. He was tired of pretending. He wanted to drag her beneath the Christmas tree and see just how naughty he could be.”
A steamy stepbrother romance that has a touch of holiday magic- which makes for very entertaining reading!

I went into this book not really knowing what to expect but have now come out the other side totally impressed. All the stories are really quite wonderful and engrossing, with fantastic plots, varied characters who are complex and fully developed- and each story was really well written.
There are some very suspenseful, mind blowing twists and surprises; some funny, light-hearted and touching moments; some hot and spicy times, and some tender romance. But come the end of the book you will reflect back with a smile on your face!
I really recommend this Anthology- you won’t regret buying it! It is worth every cent of the purchase price- 23 books for the price of one! Now that’s a bargain!

Thank you to all the contributing authors!

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