My Free Life: Prequel to The Brothers of Camelot (My Life Series Book 3) by Necie Navone – Review by Debi Kircher

My Free LifeMy Free Life by Necie Navone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My Free Life: Prequel to The Brothers of Camelot (My Life Series Book 3)

By Necie Navone

5 Stars

I was so scared to start this book because I just knew when I finished Id want to jump right into the second book of The Brothers of Camelot and that is exactly what has happened. I love how this author started the Brothers series and then went into these 3 prequels. The My Life Series was awesome and the way she pulled in the Brothers in this story was brilliant. This author has to have a pile of notes or a white board with all kinds of stuff on it because she didn’t miss anything. Everything ties in perfectly and I truly believe Aless’s story needed to be told and this just has me needing the next book like right now!!

This part of Aless’s story was so full of twists and turns and I just can’t wait to see how this will all play out in her future. She’s probably one of the strongest female leads I have ever read about and I do hope that where she is now and what is to come she is able to find her softer side but I’m thinking that she will still need all of her training because we haven’t experienced yet the reaction to her actions in this story, that transition happened a bit too easy and I have a feeling the repercussions are still to come.

I have to stop there because I’m too tempted to give away too much! I loved this book as well as the whole series. Im praying the release of The Brothers book 2 if not far off. I’m so thankful I found this author, definitely added to my one click list.

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