Only This Tuesday (A Copper Mills Novella) by Melissa Keir – Review by Katie Matthews

Only This Tuesday: A Copper Mills NovellaOnly This Tuesday: A Copper Mills Novella by Melissa Keir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I loved this story! It was such a sweet romance story between two wonderful characters. Tuesday was a genuinely lovely person, the way she was with Gil melted my heart. She saw the potential in him and wanted to give him a chance! Before I even knew where the storyline was headed and we were introduced to the characters separately I knew that I wanted Tuesday and Blake to meet! The way Judith treated Blake made me cross, she was not a nice person at all! Blake was really nice and I loved this instant connection he had with Tuesday! They both deserved to find each other and I was rooting for them the whole way through!
I have read a book by this author previously and this one lived up to everything I expected from her. It was beautifully written and very engaging. I shall definitely be reading more from her again in the future!

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