Souls Collide: Collide Series Book 3 by Kristina Beck – Review by Krystal Gregory

Souls Collide (Collide Series #3)Souls Collide by Kristina Beck
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Souls Collide: Collide Series Book 3 by Kristina Beck
4 out of 5 stars

I love strong characters. Both female and male. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the RA-RA I am Woman, Let’s all Roar type of power when an author is writing, but I also love when an author creates two equally strong characters whose strengths and weakness so they can each grow both together and individually as people and as a couple.

Alexa knows looks like the typical dumb female. Tall, blonde, big blue eyed. But she is whip smart and knows how to use her big assets., Her big brain that is. She has fought tooth and nail to be at the top of her career and isn’t going to take crap from anyone, let alone some grumpy police officer with a chip on his shoulder.

Kent has had the unfortunate luck of watching this mother die, and now, he might have to watch his sister suffer the same fate. After a crazy string of bad, or not so bad luck, Alexa and Kent keep running into each other and the flame of desires spark, ignite and then burn. Add in with the possibility of Alexa being in serious danger, you have one very hot book.

This book is one for the the reread list! I love this slow burn. I highly recommend this book for lovers of Romance and/Or Mystery Genre readers.

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