Surviving Eden (Surviving Series) By Virginia Wine – Review by Laura Furuta

Surviving Eden (Surviving Series Book 1)Surviving Eden by Virginia Wine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Surviving Eden (Surviving Series Book 1)
By: Virginia Wine
5 out of 5 stars

The story Surviving Eden (Surviving Series Book 1) by Virginia Wine is a contemporary romance book. It is a book that is enjoyable to read and has characters that I grew to love with each chapter. The two main characters are Dr. Theodore Grants and Eden. Theo is a psychiatrist. He is also a man that simply exists, no emotional attachments. He has never felt that way towards anyone. That is until he meets Eden. He is there to help her and finds himself also wanting to protect her. There is an attraction that is undeniable, a pull towards her. Eden is a beautiful, strong-willed, intelligent, and talented woman. She also feels an attraction towards Theo. There is passion and desire between Theo and Eden. There are also conflicted emotions. What does the future hold for Theo and Eden? Read this story to find out. This is an author who knows how to write a story that will have your emotions going up and down the entire time. Theo and Eden are characters that I had empathy for and I also found myself wanting them to find happiness in their lives. This story also has a bit of mystery that will have you asking questions. There are steamy scenes that red hot and that make the temperature in the room rise. If you want to read a romance story that will have you turning pages to find out what will happen next this is the one for you. This is a powerful and entertaining first book in a series.

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