The Memory of Us By Lisa Sorbe – Review by Laura Furuta

The Memory of UsThe Memory of Us by Lisa Sorbe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Memory of Us
By: Lisa Sorbe
5 out of 5 stars

The story The Memory of Us by Lisa Sorbe is a new adult romance book. It is a story that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and doesn’t let you go until the final page. I loved reading about the character of Elena Everhart. She is a woman who is a successful lawyer. She is someone who keeps her relationships at an arm’s length. When she returns home to take care of the aftermath of her mother’s death, she believes that she will be finished quickly. That she will then be leaving the past behind her. And then she sees Weston Brooks again. Her and Weston had a special and strong bond when children. She left him once in order to save her heart and to pave a future for herself. Now she finds that the attraction and feelings for Weston are still there. Elena tries to keep her distance. Will she be able to leave again? What does the future hold for Elena and Weston? Read this story to find out. This is a story about the power of memories, friendship, love, and loss. There were moments that my eyes were misty and others when the story had me smiling. I had empathy for Elena and what she was feeling. Both she and Weston are characters that I grew to love more and more with each chapter that I read. I could feel the push and pull going on between them and I wanted them to find happiness. This is a story that I would highly recommend reading.

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