The Confectioner’s Coup (Confectioner Chronicles Book 2) by Claire Luana – Review by Maura Harper

The Confectioner's Coup (Confectioner Chronicles, #2)The Confectioner’s Coup by Claire Luana
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Confectioner Chronicles Series and I suggest reading Book 1 first as this picks up only a short time after the first story ends.

As with book 1, THE CONFECTIONER’S COUP is full of well developed / well defined characters. There were a few times I was getting characters from the first book confused but there are simple explanations as to who is who which did not bog down the story.

This story has a bit more twists and turns and isn’t as shiny and bright as one would expect. I think it’s a perfect combination of dark and light – well balanced. There are characters I do not care for and that’s what makes it interesting for me. I was anxious to see if the story would go “my way” so I kept turning the pages.

I think this book would be appropriate for middle school and higher for those that like to read fantasy stories (not THOSE kinds of fantasies).

This book gets 4 solid stars from me.

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