Fatal Legislation: A Novel: Karina Cardinal Mystery Book 2 (Kindle Edition) by Ellen Butler – Review by Jenni Bishop

Fatal Legislation: A Novel: Karina Cardinal Mystery Book 2Fatal Legislation: A Novel: Karina Cardinal Mystery Book 2 by Ellen Butler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fatal Legislation a Karina Cardinal Mystery is the second and brilliant book in the series by Ellen Butler. I enjoyed the first book but loved this one. Ellen has come up with a story that is full of danger and mystery, drama and suspense, intrigue and politics and has done a wonderful job of weaving it all together and making it into a gripping read. Throw in the FBI, an assassin, secret operatives and Karina Cardinal and you have a compelling murder mystery and an unpredictable story that you cannot put down. So much so I read it in one sitting. It has a fast pace read but it flows smoothly and is so, so, easy to read and get lost in. Karina Cardinal cracks me up. The situations she finds herself in sometimes boggles the mind. Her trusty side kick had me laughing out loud and I hope he continues in further stories. Karina is smart and hardworking, sassy and independent and once she is on to something she won’t let go and her boyfriend is determined she is going to give him a heart attack. Ellen is a great storyteller, leaving us hanging on every word and guessing the whole way through to the end. Trust me Ellen is one author that everyone should put on their read list. I cannot wait for the next Karina installment.

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