The Confectioner’s Truth (The Confectioner Chronicles Book 3) by Claire Luana – Review by Erin Davidson

The Confectioner's Truth (Confectioner Chronicles Book 3)The Confectioner’s Truth by Claire Luana
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The epic finale to Claire Luana’s highly anticipated Confectioner Chronicles has arrived and it did not disappoint. The Confectioner’s Truth is the final book in Claire Luana’s amazing new series that I highly recommend it to every man, woman, and child. It is so good and the finale wraps everything up deliciously. I absolutely adored this series and there isn’t much I can say about this final book without spoiling it for anyone. But seriously read this series, starting from the Confectioner’s Guild, you will not be disappointed by a tale this yummy. I cherished all of Claire’s characters, as they are incredibly well developed and rounded. They all read as real people, with their own back stories and motivations. Claire’s world building is also incredibly well done. Her magic system is flawless and perfectly executed, as she expands the world over the three novels. But I feel like one of the most underappreciated gems of the series was Claire’s ability to describe food and drink throughout the series. My mouth watered the entire series, due to her descriptions being so impeccable. I wish I could give this book a 6/5 star review, but alas it will have to settle for 5/5. Thank you Claire for another amazing series!

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