The Crazy Yates by Kimberly Packard – Review by Lisa Helmick

The Crazy YatesThe Crazy Yates by Kimberly Packard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Crazy Yates
by Kimberly Packard
Rated 4 stars

This is a peek into the Yates living room window a few days before Christmas. Im not so sure the family is crazy just trying to live through difficult times. That makes them different from others. This is a short story but that doesn’t mean the author skimped out the developing the characters. I understood where Callie was coming from. Always down on their luck the monster always lurking around the next corner. Her family who hasn’t been there for her before. Will they come through on Christmas or will they just keep thinking about themselves?

This is not a first time author for me. I enjoy how she creates a small glimpse of someone’s world and invites us in the be spectators.

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