The Debt Collector: An Underground Bad Boys Romance by India Kells – Review by Tracy Wilkin

The Debt Collector (An Underground Bad Boys Romance)The Debt Collector by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Debt Collector: An Underground Bad Boys Romance by India Kells is a breathtakingly erotic suspense that will literally leave you gasping for breath. I had to drag myself away to do really mundane tasks like bathroom breaks. Life got in the way, but it also slowed down the pleasurable experience somewhat, making way for the sensually slow and agonising burn.

Tessa and Locke. These two deserve many words, but very few come to mind to adequately describe the impact these two deliver. The story was brutally arousing, violent, shocking (in a bone melting way), decadent, honest, transparent while totally mysterious. The apparently unattainable becomes the hunted. The Locke and Tessa dance is intricate, complex and sometimes harrowing, but the experience is more than worth the tension. Then along comes Gage, and the surprises are relentlessly plentiful. I am addicted to this writing style and will devour any books written this way. It draws a reader in on a new level, and you will be left amazed, turned on and desperate for more. 5 stars

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